Y(17) studio 是一个以商业创意和艺术创作为核心的工作室,成员集合志同道合有好奇心的人,服务领域基于但不限于平面设计、空间展陈、设计咨询、广告创意等,我们希望参与各种类型艺术设计相关的创造性工作,不局限于专业和学院教育的思考方法,平等的看待人和机器的技术技能,不断寻找人群中有独立思考的个体共同创造。在设计之外,我们希望从业余的带有个体特征的角度进入到其他领域交叉合作,产生新的语言形态和表达方式,通过朴素的、本能的问题了解世界,在有限的感官中无限想象。

Y(17) studio is a creative studio that revolves around commercial and artistic endeavours. Its members are a group of like-minded individuals driven by curiosity. While our services encompass various areas such as graphic design, spatial exhibition, design consultation, advertising creativity etc. We hope to engage in all forms of artistic and design-related work. We embrace a mindset beyond the confines of professional and academic education, treating human and technological skills on an equal footing. We aim to continually seek out individuals within the community who possess independent thinking and collaborate in creating something unique.  Apart from design, we also seek to explore interdisciplinary collaborations from a personal and distinctive perspective, generating new forms of language and expression.  We seek to understand the world through a simple and instinctual approach by delving into limitless imagination within our limited senses.



Y(17) studio is a creative design studio based in Beijing.
brand identities / commercials / creative styling / set design / AD / graphic /  websites / posters / books / signage